Cresteel (85) Ltd.
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
Residential and Commercial

Residential Services - for all your heating and air conditioning needs

  • Repairs to all makes* and models* of equipment
  • Retrofits, and Replacements for Furnaces and Air Conditioners
  • Hot Water Tank Replacements
  • Humidifier Sales and Service

  • Routine and Preventative Maintenance for all equipment

Furnace Heating Checks

  • Check condition, tension and alignment of fan belt, and perform required adjustments
  • Check blower operation

  • Check fan bearings and motor bearings
  • If appropriate, oil motors
  • Clean motor and fan
  • Clean air filters and re-install or replace
  • Clean burners and set for proper combustion & ignition
  • Check gas pilot safety system and clean as required
  • Check the heat exchanger
  • Check for hazardous debris in the chimney and flue

  • Check operation of thermostat and safety controls
  • Check gas piping to furnace

Air Conditioning Checks

     In addition to the above we will:

  • Check operation of compressor
  • Check and clean condensate drain line
  • Check refrigerant pressures and temperatures

  • Check and clean coils as necessary


     We turn humidifiers OFF during the Air Conditioning Season.
    For the Heating Season only we will:

  • Check the humidistat and advise as to appropriate setting

  • Check and clean the float

  • Check and clean the water pan, if it has one

  • Check and clean or replace the humidifier pad 

  • Check and clean the wheel

  • Check and clean or replace the nozzle 

  • Check the proper operation of the solenoid valve

  • Check and clean or replace the drain line

Electronic Air Cleaners

  • Check the cell wires

  • Check the cell fins

  • Check and clean contacts

  • Check the power supply

  • Wash the cells on site, if there are appropriate facilities available

  • Take the cells away to be washed if there are no facilities on site - extra charges do apply.

If there is anything that we at Cresteel (85) Ltd. can do to serve you that is not listed, please call.