Cresteel (85) Ltd.
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
Residential and Commercial

Current Residential Labor Rates (effective May 2014)

Please note that due to the number of different makes and models of heating and air conditioning equipment available, we cannot keep an unlimited supply of parts in our service vans.  Most specialty or OEM parts are picked up and priced on demand.  All prices are subject to change.
Residential Rates - during regular business hours.
Truck Charge                                                                                                   Flat rate     48.00

     Unfortunately the City of Calgary is growing and this means  we
     spend valuable time in traffic getting to your home.  The truck
     charge is to cover the revenue lost due to travel time.
Fuel Surcharge                                                                                                Flat Rate      7.50

     The fuel surcharge is simply to help offset the cost of fuel.

Environmental Fee / Shop Supplies Fee                                                      Flat Rate       5.00

      This covers shop supplies such as cleaning clothes, lubricants,
      proper disposal of filters and other waste
Service Call - minimum 1 hour billing                                                             Per hour     96.00

     Most Routine Service calls (for 1 - 2 furnaces) can be
     performed in this time frame.  Of course, more equipment will
     require more time.  Another factor that could affect the time would
     be lack of prior maintenance for the furnace.

     We recommend a minimum of one call per year to the furnaces.
     If you have air conditioning, we recommend an additional call
     in the late spring or early summer.
A minimum outdoor temperature
     of 15C is required to check air conditioning units.
GST                                                                                                                                    5%

     Truck charge, fuel surcharge, shop fees, service call, plus GST                    $164.33
Parts are extra and will be billed over and above the minimum billing amount.
We will explain and price all parts to you before installation.  We will not install
any part without your permission.
Additional Labor

     if needed is charged in 30 minute increments.                                          Per 1/2 hour     48.00
Overtime rates will apply for calls outside of normal business hours.